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Wah Wah 45's

Wah Wah came about as the brainchild of the late, great Simon Goss and his brother Chris, alongside DJ Billy Whizz and later Oscar Goldenchild, kicking off in London in the early 90s with the first proper Wah Wah session at The Old Albany (where the Chemical Brothers started their careers too!).

After some serious underground parties, the sessions impressed the Jazz Cafe’s Adrian Gibson so much that he headhunted Simon and Chris to run the venue’s Friday night sessions, playing host to Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers, Gil Scott-Heron, Fred Wesley, Common and Pharoah Saunders to name but a few. In 1999, Simon and Chris enticed Mouseorgan’s Dom Servini to join them on their mission. Due to Chris’ pivotal role in London Elektricity (Hospital records) his involvement in Wah Wah became less pronounced, leaving Simon and Dom to run most of the club sessions and the record label alike. After Simon’s sad passing in January of 2010, it’s been left to Dom and Wah Wah recording artist Adam Scrimshire to fly the flag and take the label to the next level in Simon’s memory.

The label’s first release was the club anthem Magnetica, by long time Wah Wah associate Espen Horne (The Bobby Hughes Experience). The fantastic reception that the single received on the Camden dance floor, as well as from DJ’s worldwide, spurred the crew on to more and more releases. Since then, the label has really made its mark, releasing a number of 12s from, amongst others, Alison Crockett, Unforscene, Aaron Jerome, Landslide, The PTH Projects and 12th Floor, as well as 7-inches from Easylifenatural, Luna & Bazis, Colman Brothers, Kendra Lou & The Miracles, Stac, Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos and more, and even 10-inch pressure (check the incredible Talc release!). Artist LPs from Max Cole, Talc, Speeka, Hardkandy, Part-Time Heroes, Ashley Thomas, Scrimshire, Stac, Colman Brothers and Hackney Colliery Band are available now as well as the popular Wah Wah compilations.

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